seeing names/words on license plates fills me with inexplicable glee ill pass by a car that says like. mildred. & just start screaming

one time i was behind a car with a plate that said like luvbug or some shit & i was like Oh Fuck Yes & then on the way home i somehow wound up behind the Same Car & i was like oh my god oh jesus christ yes. once i saw a plate that said PROTEIN & i almost crashed my car

I saw this one a while ago:

Oh I have SO many of these!!!! Virginia has the highest number of vanity tags in the US and I have SO much proof.

(These are all photos I personally took, except one which I’ll mention)

Here’s one of my personal faves, could not agree more:

Then we got this one, I did not see the person who owns this car but I feel like I know what they’re like:

(note, my brother insisted that this could also read Dark Nigel, which is way funnier to be fair)

I saw all four of these in the parking lot of the grocery store all near one another:

Some of the plates have symbols or letters on the plate itself that they use like these:

(I didn’t take the one on the right, but! The person w this car used to live in my neighborhood, I think I remember correctly that the dmv made them change it?)

Which. Hilarious considering this:

I hit image limit hold on I’m gonna reblog this reblog

Idk if you know, but Virginia has plates based on the no step on snek flag, and. The people who have those plates are almost always bad drivers, and many of them have hilarious vanity tags like:

Here are more of my faves:

You got:

TRANS: all-star. Trans rights. Love u

LYL BITZ: something I still say to myself for no reason. Lil bitz. So true.

1 IN TEN: mysterious. What does it mean?? There was nothing else on the car, no bumper stickers or cricut vinyl url on the car or anything. It haunts me a little

CRSSWRD: I also love crossword puzzles. Love this energy for you, whoever you are.

THICCC: self explanatory. I hope whoever this thiccc bihhh is, they’re having a great day.

DRMAQUN: I have so many questions. Why is there a fox hunting plate? Why did they PICK the fox hunting plate?? I too am a drama queen tho, love it.

FISH LAW: I desperately hope this person is a fish lawyer. I don’t know what that means exactly, but I know it amuses me.

BRONY: self explanatory. This was parked outside a GameStop. I respect the hustle, I assume it was not easy to get this canon plate

Okay I hit image limit again, I’m only gonna post two more but they’re my favorites

Okay so. This tag. I saw this person at the gas station. The tag did not prepare me for the person who got out of this car. He looked like the Wes Anderson platonic ideal of the devil. He was wearing a red suit, a suede like fabric? A darker red shirt, super skinny black tie. The tiniest black circle frame sunglasses that still did absolutely cover his eyes. He had. I am not joking, a van dyke, pointy tip on the goatee and waxed moustache ends and all. I did not take a photo of him because 1) that’s an invasion of privacy too far 2) he would have taken me back to Hell Which Is Real And Where He Lives with him.

And lastly. My number one vanity tag I’ve ever seen of all time. Number one car plates, I give you:

Fuck, dude, it sure is

an absolute treasure I encountered outside the bay area recently

I 100% thought that was “Dark Nigel” to begin with and only realised it was maybe meant to be “Dark Angel” after reading the caption.

you and my brother have that in common.

I love platespotting!! Here are some of my best

a vanity plate that is very important to me: Twuck.

saw this at a mini-con and honestly I’m not sure what else i expected… (the entire car was similarly covered in spn/naruto decals)

I DO THIS TOO LMAO here’s some of my favs that I’ve spotted around my area:

and my personal favorite:

I still can’t believe they got this one