I just read this reddit comment about yesterday’s staff post and … 100%

People in the notes of the post don’t seem to understand how massive of a move this is. Sure, this is not the Tuileries palace storming, nor the execution of Louis XVI, but it very well could be Tumblr’s storming of the Bastille.

See, what happened yesterday was a bunch of trans staffers very politely saying “our boss is full of crap, what he is doing is absolutely not ok”, and also “the official line he had been posting narrative of everything being peachy with moderation is bullshit, we acknowledge the systemic problem, and we demand addressing it ASAP”.

Now, this has probably been possible just because of the exceptional circumstances: Louis XVI (Matt) is on vacation on his summer palace, and the person who he had left in charge of the court has refused to order the army to quell the internal strife… so they have stormed the Bastille to ask for the abolition of the ancient regime. Mind you, that doesn’t mean we are at a point where they are in the middle of a revolutionary coup to create the Paris Commune: that’s not in the cards right now. This is more about the people rioting to demand the king powers to have checks and balances. this is about demanding a constitutional monarchy instead of the current absolute king.

The people in the notes don’t seem to understand the exceptional situation that the post creates. We are at a point where Matt Mullenweg has been called out by his own employees. His company, in his absence, had allowed his employees to break with the unified PR narrative that usually is forced to follow whatever path the CEO points to.

Now Louis XVI is in a peculiar position. His Authority had not only been questioned by the Paris rabble (us), but now he also had a regiment of elite grenadiers (1er RĂ©giment du Trans Guards) openly in revolt and siding with the people of Paris. They are not firing at the royal palace, but they are saying “you know what? The people in the streets are right. We are not firing at them, your majesty”. So Matt’s next move is crucial. As I see it, there are several possibilities:

– the king / Matt acknowledges he had been in the wrong (either honestly or just because he doesn’t feel powerful enough to win a civil war), accepts to get his powers limited, and allows some partial reform to address people’s demands. This is obviously the best option for my friends still working for Tumblr. That doesn’t mean tumblr would become a queer communist paradise, but at least we would see things improving.

– the king refuses to engage: he moves the court to another city (names a new Tumblr CEO reporting to him) and move the army to Paris to repress the rebellion (fires the people behind the post, double down in the current moderation policies). Things keep being the same, but without the people who asked for improvements.

– the king gets fed up of having to deal with ungrateful rabble and decides to just make an example out of Paris and orders the army to reprise the St. Bartholomew night, but on Paris population this time. This would be Matt firing everyone involved and closing Tumblr two months from now.

Right now, I wouldn’t know which of these three options is more probable. Matt has been very quiet since yesterday, and whatever he posts next would be a big signal of how he is going to react to this development of The Situation.