Interesting wood burning technique

This looks cool but this technique is extraordinarily dangerous and people have literally died trying it

For more info, check out the very informative Ann Reardon video:

Seriously. Pyrography already exists and a bit of practice and experimentation will get you something just as beautiful without playing chicken with the Grim Reaper.

You are not the exception to ‘fuck around and find out’.

If you just get afraid of something dangerous and respond to that fear with “no one should do this” – you silence actual sound advice and techniques from people who have done it safely.


You fucking should be – it’s dangerous – but there are these people called electricians who work with it safely every day because they know how – and they are not fairies and have no special powers – but they have PPE and standards for how to do things

Did you watch the video where it explicitly states at least two of the people who died doing this at the time the video was made were experienced electricians? This is not “ooohhh it’s dangerous but you can do it 100% safely if you know what you’re doing” this is “nobody should do this because one small mistake will kill you instantly and endanger everyone around you who might try to save you in a panic, because electricity doesn’t stop conducting when you’re dead, it’s simply not worth the risk for funny crafts thing.”

Why are you acting like this is some kind of out of pocket exaggeration when EVERY technique for it quite literally involves fucking with enough volts of electricity to kill you instantly or that it’s somehow mystifying the process, goddamn. What’s your problem.

To explain the amount of energy going through this, here’s me playing with a microwave transformer, circa 2001:

This is 1000W of energy @ 2kV, and which ends up being 450mA– that is still 4x the amount of current that can stop your heart.

Don’t do this.