Get To Know Me Better Meme

(missed chance to call it the Get to Know Me(me) Better, y’all)

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Last song I listened to: 20 CHA – by Nur-D. Hey pals, do you like D&D? Do you like Baldur’s Gate? Give this a listen I guarantee he’ll be at least your 7th most favorite hip-hop artist.

Currently reading: Cyberpunk 2077 – No Coincidence. I’ve been really digging into CPK77 (again) and I wanted more content. I wasn’t wild about Edgerunners, and this is written by RafaƂ Kosik who also worked on the show. But honestly – this is the story I wish the anime followed. It’s such a well written ensemble of characters, with a rapid-fire approach to perspective switching that makes it a sort of fun game to figure out who you’re reading about before it’s revealed. I’m halfway through right now, interested in seeing where it’s going, and picking up tips on how to write the genre along the way.

Currently watching: Honestly a lotta things! Band of Brothers, Arrested Development (again), and Six Feet Under (also again). Six Feet Under in particular is one of my favorite shows of all time. Every character is given such attention, it’s hard to pick favorites. The acting is phenomenal and it sheds such a beautiful light on the topic of death. Can’t recommend it enough.

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