“adhd isn’t a disability”

  • breaks down over trying to start tasks until he deadline is stupidly close
  • unable to do basic chores unless it’s like 4am and then the whole damn house gets cleaned
  • speaks too fast
  • tangent and tangent and tangent. makes social situations hard
  • literally unable to stop themselves from interrupting people mid sentence (and the constant “*interrupts*- sorry, please continue”)
  • knows what they want to say, cannot find the words, even if it’s something basic
  • auditory processing disorder (pretty common with adhd), like how do you explain that you can hear but your brain has minecraft server lag and the chat will appear soon
  • hyperfixations, and people thinking they are special interests when they are not (they are short term, literally stops you from basic care like eating and drinking when in)
  • impulse purchases making bank accounts cry
  • all or nothing. not hungry to pain. don’t need to pee until pain. you get the picture
  • cannot sit still, like actually can’t, constant moving and shuffling which people think would be cute but actually just pisses people off
  • doesn’t have a fidget toy, not bc they are popular but bc they would have to put it away bc dylan over there got a fidget spinner and has been loudly playing with it (dylan is neurotypical)
  • cannot do anything if there is something else to do that day, must wait

just stfu it is a disability