A digital illustration; A sketch page of an anthropomorphic unicorn character in a postman uniform inspired by Post Danmark uniforms of centuries past. His fur is all white, and where the fur is thin on the tip of his nose, as well as on the inside of his ears, a soft pink colour is present. He has a lion tail with a long tuft at the end; The same sleek yet curly texture as his head hair, which reaches his ankles in length.  The uniform consists of a red double breasted jacket, black trousers, a black cap with a golden crescent moon logo on the front, and a black messenger bag with a golden buckle. On the top left drawing, he is holding two stacked parcels and giving the camera a gentle smile.  On the top right, he is looking off to the side with his mouth open, as if mid sentence. On the bottom left he is running, holding his hands not unlike a piano player. On the bottom right, he is checking a golden pocket watch. The image is framed by pink carnations and envelopes.ALT

Postie Anton returns!!! He’s here with your mail ✉️

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