It’s been 9 years since I’ve opened commissions but my computer is 7 years old and losing her will to live and will not survive Dawntrail so!!

$100 USD painted portraits with up to 1 additional character for an added charge of $80 (totaling $180)

Full disclosure: I’m aiming for at least $2k and I don’t know if I’m going to take a handful of these and close and come back with a better methodology and pricing or just keep doing these. I am developing as I go.
Suffice it to say, between that and the unknown that is how long I can spend working on each comm, if I choose to do yours it might take me awhile to get to it. The plan is to send a message to chosen applicants to confirm you’re still interested/have the money before sending the invoice, just in case. So please keep that in mind.

My terms are listed on the google form but to reiterate and elaborate on some points:

NOT First Come, First Serve so take your time when you’re filling out the form because I’m going off both interest and which are best communicated and thus easiest for me to do.

I will be requiring visual references this time to work. They don’t need to be terribly detailed but enough that I can finagle face depth for different facial features. This can be as simple as a picrew and a faceclaim, I don’t mind.

My duo example is actually not a portrait but a full painting so keep in mind that heads in actual commissioned pieces will be kept more in line with each other regardless of height.

I WILL draw furries, body horror, and mechs but I am rusty so it will likely take more time
I WILL NOT draw object heads, incest or pedophilia

I’ll be streaming some of these on Twitch to keep myself focused. Let’s not talk about the Vtuber in the room.