after roe v wade got overturned under biden (a constitutional right we had for FIFTY years) i don’t believe any of the goofy “biden is better for domestic issues” rhetoric . you are lying to me and you are lying to yourself

so sorry for not understanding how the us government works and how powerless the democrats are. the president bypassing congress twice to sell weapons to a genocidal entity killing civilians got me acting silly. my fault

Unfortunately he’s our best option this election cycle.

sorry my follower added that comment to your post cakeALT

did you think that was appropriate? did that need to be said? did You T.H.I.N.K. before you spoke? (is it: True, Helpful, Important, Necessary, Kind?)

No third-party candidate has won the presidency since the Republican Party became a major party in the mid-19th century.

No third party canidate has gotten a single electoral vote since George Wallace in 1968.

Also, the number of times I’ve seen “you only think Trump’s facism is worse because it’s affecting white people now” in this thread.

I don’t know where to start unpacking this but I’m gonna try by pointing out: Do you THINK when it starts affecting white people it gets better for non-white people????