A quick guide to who your favourite Animorph would be, for people who have never read Animorphs.

More Queer than you are Neurodivergent: Tobias.

More Neurodivergent than you are Queer: Ax.

Coping with trauma….

Healthily: Cassie.

Poorly: Jake.

With extreme sarcasm: Marco.

With extreme violence: Rachel.

Thank you for attending my TED talk, now If you’ll excuse me, I have a thermal to catch *Jumps out window*

I’m more neurodivergent than queer, but Tobias was my favorite Animorph for the longest time because he was the first character I’d ever read about that had a childhood like mine, so he was easier to identify with. I only switched to liking Ax more when I revisited the series as an adult.