Do you think Blizzard will ever explain what Fyrakk was trying to create with the Suffusion Camps? Because the Dream Render only went into production after Vyranoth put a stop to his plan to force the Green Dragonflight to grant him entry into the Dream & he allied with the Druids of the Flame to get his ticket in.

like that entire ordeal was definitely not exclusively just to make one dinky axe he didn’t even have a reason to make prior to 10.1.7.

#like we got nothing from them#a handful of ingots i think#each camp working very hard to make one ingot

“What are they crafting? It must be something far more dangerous than simply outfitting the army here.” — Suffusion Camp

“This entire invasion has been carried out with the sole objective of infusing raw materials with elemental power on an unprecedented scale.” — Deny Them Resources

The text for these quests indicates that they are making a LOT of material at the Suffusion Camp: more than would be necessary to outfit Fyrakk’s forces, and of extreme potency as well. Grand Theft Mammoth involves stealing an entire magmammoth-carried shipment of materials and Deny Them Resources shows a ton of finished ingots sitting around the camp waiting for transport to Fyrakk’s base in Zaralek.

If Blizzard’s intention was that Fyrakk planned from the start to only use the Suffusion Camps to produce Fyr’alath + generic shadow-flame forged weaponry for the djaradin, they did a really poor job of conveying it when they built up that the Camps were working on something far larger and more dangerous than ‘simply outfitting the army’ and that something turns out to be… an axe.

A powerful magical axe, in full fairness, but still just an axe.

Two months sounds like the right timing for that. Its about how long it takes to make Shadowmourne