Someone needs to make a masterpost of fucked up Neopets facts because literally every time I reminisce about that game I remember something ridiculous such as

• The prize wheel that would take literal hours to spin and would occassionaly reward you with a screamer

• Neopets having petpets and the petpets having petpetpets which were just parasites

• The laboratory ray that was extremely fucking expensive to use having a chance of turning petpets into piles of ash

• A random chance for the game to just steal neopoints from you every time you navigate pages and there being a leaderboard for the unluckiest people that month

  • there’s a game you can only play at 12:00 am to 1:00 am every day
  • players lined up en masse for waking up turmaculus and PRAYING that he would be nice enough to eat their goddamn petpet and give them a special site avatar for it
  • there was an item that you could buy for millions of neopoints in a “hidden” (used loosely) shop that you could use in the site’s battle feature to turn your opponent’s neopet into another color and species of neopet PERMANENTLY, undoing all their work on getting that rare paintbrush instantly

Let’s not forget the magna pool where you have a random 10 minutes time slot once a day to throw your pet into lava to have them get a fireball paint color. Did I mention a RANDOM 10 MINUTE SLOT in a 24/hr time frame??????

  • There’s a lever that you can pull that does nothing except for steal your money and have a very low chance of giving you an avatar
  • They had a halloween event featuring the characters from supernatural as neopets
  • The old event hidden somewhere on the site where the staff members had a murder mystery and you could watch the flash animations of all the staff members being killed until only one was left

Im sorry the halloween event where what

Neopets Sam and Dean

i. what?

  • The avatar that took users three years to figure out after it’s release because of the ridiculously specific requirements
  • The original version of the penguin pet Bruce was straight up a picture of

    the real-life English television entertainer Bruce Forsyth 

  • An incident where switching over servers caused a glitch that users exploited to clone incredibly expensive items. After it was fixed any mention of the incident on the Neoboards got you frozen (somtimes permanently) with a message on how Neopets was safe and had never been hacked.