1. His grip is very bad. All the effort is up around the thumbs and his hands are square. He will not be able to control the sword at the end of a strike, and so won’t cut clean, if it doesn’t just bounce off.
  2. His elbows are hyperextending; this makes him easy to disarm or deflect, because he’s too tense to respond to the movements of an opponent.
  3. See too, his shoulders–shoved very far forward. I could dog-walk this asshole.
  4. His kensaki,the tip of the sword, is super high. In chudan no kamae, which he is evidently attempting here, the tip of the sword should be at the level of your own throat if you have no opponent and are only doing strikes; it should point at the hollow of the throat of the person you’re fighting.
  5. What the fuck is even going on with that posture.