a reddit reply by u/ShinyPinkRoses. text reads: 

"I have to assume YouTube thinks it can make even dedicated adblock users cave. Which is ridiculous, because my response to uBlock's filters being behind wasn't "guess I'll watch ads", it was "guess I'll take a nap." It was a pretty good nap."

I think this person on reddit summed up the youtube adblocker situation perfectly. my reaction to this is not “oh man guess I’ll watch ads.” its, “well, I guess I’ll just do something more productive with my time.” I highly doubt any adblock user is going to willingly go back to watching ads. so what actually happens is youtube loses a functionally tiny amount of its userbase–because adblockers weren’t even losing them a significant amount of money in the first place(!)–and a bunch of adblock users move on to something else. what a fantastic waste of time and effort

Adblock blocking inspires the exact opposite of me wanting to pay anyone money. I now want to find more ways to SPITE google and waste more of their money in bandwidth (and hopefully) creator payouts.

Also: Hey google, what if I just click on every ad you force me to look at?

How would you clients like that?