hey, can my cat stay on your blog for a little while?

a transparent image of a short-haired orange tabby cat. she is lying on her side with her legs splayed out and her tail curled. her head is up and she is looking at the camera. she wears a blue floral collar with a bow and a silver nametag (its text is unreadable).ALT

i’m going out of town for the night and could use someone to watch her

a screenshot of this post's notes, showing 47 notes and 17 reblogsALT

thank you, everyone

a screenshot of this post's notes. there are 821 reblogs, 1712 notes overallALT

oh jeepers, if i’d known she’d be travelling around this much, i’d’ve given her her leash

the same orange tabby cat, now wearing a black harness and leash. she is viewed from above and walking. the leash extends towards the viewer.ALT

make sure to hold on tight to her, okay?