I’ve been really into neopets the last few days, and I thought it would be fun to do height charts/ character lineups of all my oc! I have one left to do but these are all the ones I’ve done so far! The first three are characters all from the same plot, while the last ones are misc characters in a separate plot!

Their names are: Top first one: Davinnia, Chloe, Checkers, Dresden and Crimosn.

Top second one: Kyla, Lily, Evander (all three were designed by Nat-cha!), Scyther and Lorelai

Bottom first one: Drakus, Rintirinti, Credence and Foxglove

Bottom second one: Crescentia, Fannar (designed by Nat-cha), Velveteen, Axel, Dresden and Derek (designed by Nat-cha)

These have been so insanely fun and relaxing to do!!