Welcome to art group! We are an inclusive online space for all artists. We are here to learn and grow and most of all support one another!

Here are the rules

-no nudity ever including bare nipples. No not even if it’s a Greek statue or an ancient hieroglyph. Nipples and nudity are not art.

-no violence or depictions of weapons or blood. Will this rule extend to photos of generic white people holding spears in their play-pretend pseudo native American garb? Probably not.

-nothing too political, this is art group not debate group! Everyone knows art is only ever aesthetic and carries no political baggage. Don’t make people think too hard and for the love of GOD Don’t challenge any preconceived notions.

-never ever hint that anything you make could possibly be available for sale, ever. Yes I know this group is about supporting artists but we didn’t mean like. Physically in any way.

-No art that makes mod Steve sad 🙁

-if your art is ugly tag it with a trigger warning

-have fun!