a drawing of an anthro husky standing next to an anthro wolf. the husky looks visibly nervous and is sweating and blushing while her tail wags. shes much smaller and shorter than the wolf, who is gripping her shoulder with one hand and leering at her from behind. the husky has wide blue eyes, cool toned fur, short curly black hair, and is wearing a sports bra and ripped jeans with fur showing through the holes. the wolf has yellow eyes, warm toned fur, long black hair that goes down to her tail, and is wearing a tank top and shorts with fur around the legs.

next to the drawing is the post it is based on. its a screenshot of a tweet reading "A husky next to a wolf. 🤯 My entire life I thought they were the size of dogs. I've been heavily mistaken." an image of a husky next to a wolf is attached below. the husky is considerably smaller than the wolf and has wide eyes as if surprised.ALT

saw this post & was fucking possessed by an malevolent spirit. ok