More about Dant’eleth and Tevrugos? EZ

(by @jaw-bones)

So Dant’eleth is

  1. last scion of the House Duskmere
  2. Very good thief. Think of him as Joker Persona 5. Like, I’ve made jokes about it:

Dante (Dant’eleth Duskmere) actually met Tevrugos after Dant’eleth tried pick-pocketing from Tev.

Tevrugos was impressed that

  1. He even tried that w/ a blue dragon. (Dante did not know Tevurogs was a dragon)
  2. He was successful.

There was lunch, and one thing lead to another.

A good 70% of their relationship is Dante stealing magical items for Tevrugos and Tevrugos enabling Dante’s thievery by telling him about magical items he can steal.