Jurassic World did the Avatar thing where it made a gajillion dollars and left no cultural footprint whatsoever. Name your favorite Jurassic World character. What was your favorite line. It evaporated despite everyone seeing it.

WRONG fav character was the extra that ran away from the pterodactyls with two margheritas in hand

Gotta do everything myself around here

So, I went into this guy’s Wikipedia page, because he looked familiar. And there’s this big “Controversies” section, so I was preparing myself to read that even the margaritas/pterodactyls guy has sexually assaulted someone. But it turns out that he hasn’t. However, he:

– Has been sued for copyright infringement for a ‘blasphemous’ musical rendition of a monologue from the 1950s

– He was on a plane with U2′s Bono and his family, and the plane was shot by the Jamaican police, who believed they were smuggling marijuana. He wrote a song about the incident.

– He’s actually a singer, and his better known song in called MARGARITAVILLE. He also owns the Margaritaville Cafe restaurant chain. And has licensed Margaritaville Tequila, Margaritaville Footwear, and a Margaritaville Foods. He owns the Margaritaville Casino, has released a “Margaritaville Online” game, and he wrote and starred in a musical called “Escape to Margaritaville”

– He also wrote a song called “Math Suks”, which was condemned by the US National Council of Teachers of Mathematics for its alleged negative effect on children’s education. 

– He was thrown out of a basketball game he was watching for using blasphemous language in front of kids.

– And he was detained by French customs for allegedly carrying over 100 pills of ecstasy. Although he was released after paying a fine, and, according to him, the pills were a B-vitamin supplement.

So, yeah, that was refreshing controversies section-wise, but now I don’t know what to do with all that information.

Maybe its my age, but i’m a little concerned that the fact he is a singer and wrote Margaritaville wasn’t prior knowledge and is considered a controversy


Beach, booze, Buffett.

Jimmy Buffett plays the margarita guy in Jurassic World because his most famous song is “Margaritaville” and this is therefore hilarious, I thought

I think that it is actually really awesome to watch people discover a part of pop culture that you believed was ubiquitous. Like we don’t know! Is this user young? Are they perhaps not American? Are they neither of those but just one of those people who exists a little to the left of popular society? I am aware of Jimmy Buffet but I have only ever heard the BNL pisstake of Margaritaville and I couldn’t pick him out of a lineup of 1.

It’s like one time when I was 21 or so, a friend of mine who was 17 or 18 told me he found “a great old band” in his stepdad’s CD collection called Skunk Anansie and I was just faced with the extent to which the things we get exposed to vary so wildly.

“he wrote a song”

seriously? Bars have events where they play his entire music career and it lasts until the bar has to close, without repeating.

They usually decorate the bar to look like a tropical beach. If they trust their regulars they’ll even dump some sand in the corner with a plastic palm tree for pictures.

I prefer Pave Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot but he’s got some jams.

RIP Jimmy Buffett