The general opinion of furry art as “easy” or “easy money” in the wider art community is kind of insane to me. Learning to draw hundreds of unique animal features ON TOP OF humanoid anatomy is, probably, the hardest thing any artist can subject themself to when it comes to drawing characters.

Not even mentioning drawing them in a way that looks natural- look at how many human only artists draw furries completely uncannily, because they cant adjust proportions accurately. The amount of human artists who cant draw a digitigrade leg at all, when anthro artists have tons of different levels of digi they must learn if they hope to get any commissions, because furries have preferences for the leg they want.

You need to know how to draw bird features. You might have to draw an elephant. You could be asked to draw an anatomically accurate anthro bee. Tons of furries are taurs. How in the world is the amount of skill an anthro artist needs to have considered easy.