here’s your fucking feedback @staff

list of problems the removal of icons causes:

  • i cant see my friends
  • ruins the sense of community
  • can’t tell at a glance who’s online right now and what they’re interested in
  • literally cannot tell without scrolling back up who put a post on my dash if it has a single addition attached to it. or like. 2 paragraphs in the op.
  • i cant click my own icon at the top of the dash to quickly view my own blog
  • can’t tell who someone used to be if they change their username
  • squashes the margins between the menu and posts, making the whole dash feel more cramped
  • ruins the quick visual cue of how long each post is and where it ends when you’re trying to scroll past ones youve seen before
  • people put a lot of creativity and individuality into icons, and now i never see them
  • makes people who primarily reblog instead of make their own posts all but completely disappear

list of problems solved by removing icons:

  • ?????
  • who the fuck was asking for this
  • ive never in my life seen a website or app that has profile pics forcibly HIDE them, so i guess you did it you made the dash unique again in the worst way

here’s some more feedback: maybe when you run an a/b test you should, idk, actually have a feedback form people can fill out about it somewhere

@photomatt @wip