Oh look, it seems everyone has been opted into the unfortunate “experiment” now. For everyone who has been blissfully using the old UI up until now, welcome to hell 🙂

Do you not like hell? Do you want to leave and crawl back up into the sunlight of the old UI? Well, have I got a link for you! A beautiful tumblr user has gone and fixed things beautifully for you already:

You will need you have Tampermonkey installed on your browser of choice, and once that’s done, just go to the github link above, and peruse the readme to install. And voila! You have your old dash back!

The authors of XKit Rewritten said during the experiments that at the time, since this was an “experiment” they weren’t going to implement anything to revert to the old UI (although who knows if they’ll do it now). And the dashboard unfucker has worked beautifully enough for me to where I genuinely couldn’t tell if they had ended the experiment or not.

Thank you SO much for this, I missed having the old layout back <3

Thank you~ And to anyone else who needs this, here you go.