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On Friday, without citing evidence, Musk alleged that "Every AI organization on Earth" had used Twitter's data for training, "in all cases illegally." It was not clear which laws would have been violated by others' data scraping. Earlier this month, Twitter sued four unknown parties for data scraping in Texas.ALT
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In light of widespread use of Twitter data by AI software developers, Musk said, "I guess we will use the public tweets — obviously not anything private — for training as well, just like basically everyone else has."

Twitter's data set appeals for "text training," and "image and video training," Musk said.ALT


So, in spite of suing multiple other companies with the assertion that scraping user content for generative AI training is illegal, Long Rodent has decided that the dead bird is going to do the same thing! Natively! On-platform! To train his own new generative AI engine!

With this in mind, I cannot impress this vehemently enough:

If you are on Twitter as a creator of any kind, it’s time to pack up your work and GET THE HELL OUT.