“wow bolt you’re reblogging a lot of dragon posts lately, is there something you want to say haha, are you a ~furry~?” [grabbing you by the shoulders and staring directly into your soul] it’s 2023 the planet is dying ai is eating everything i’m tired of fanfic i’m tired of everything having to go into predecided #geek categories i’m tired of “haha what if this cool idea happened” tumblr posts that never go past a paragraph because it would mean actually writing something beyond a pithy summary of a cool idea for retweets. i’m writing 35,000 words about a thief falling in love with an anthro dragon and wanting to turn into one too and like ten people will read it at most and that’s all i fucking need in this world. it isn’t going to be the deepest thing or the most biting thing or the most polished thing but it’s going to be fucking real