氷海線に生きる-Hyokaisen ni ikiru-

Character Introduction 1:

The individual alongside Kuren is named Nicholas Macblaine. He is 27 years old and the protagonist of this story.

He is the son of a globally renowned veterinarian who can treat even beastmen. While he himself holds a veterinary qualification, he lacks the authorization to examine beastmen.

In order to become a specialized veterinarian for beastmen, he journeyed to the far northern lands to become an apprentice and assistant under Dr. Sasha and Dr. Lindsey, a married couple who are both acquaintances of his father, authorities in beastmen research, and Kuren’s adoptive parents.

Nicholas is an outstanding individual, but he lacks practical experience and has never directly interacted with real beastmen, despite his knowledge.

Kuren is a werewolf capable of freely changing forms: a skilled human form, a swift beast form, and a strong, large half-beast form.

When Nicholas first encountered Kuren, he approached the smaller human form of Kuren with a sense of security, attempting to greet him just as he would a human. However, as he extended his arm, Kuren transformed into a large half-beast form and nearly bit Nicholas. He was saved in the nick of time by Sasha, who said.

Sasha said to Nicholas.

“Beastmen are both human and beast, yet neither. It’s like dealing with both human and animal simultaneously. A misjudgment could be fatal.”

Kuren only trusts Dr. Sasha and Dr. Lindsey, displaying an aggressive attitude towards the outsider, Nicholas. For Kuren, the couple is both like parents and the unchallengeable leaders of their pack, which is why Kuren’s behavior is stern towards Nicholas.

Kuren believed that an outsider weaker in the pack’s hierarchy had joined, leading to his aggressive attitude towards Nicholas. Therefore, Sasha assigned a task to Nicholas.

“To make Kuren acknowledge you as having a higher position than him within two months. If you fail, you won’t be able to work here and will have to return home.”

Sasha’s words are stern, but they also serve to protect Nicholas. It’s not only for Nicholas’s sake but to avoid the possibility of having to shoot and kill Kuren if he were to attack a human. Thus, with kindness and firmness, Sasha interacts with them, unwilling to compromise.

From there, a new life for Kuren, Dr. Sasha, Dr. Lindsey, and Nicholas begins in the far northern lands.

Nicholas does his best to foster a connection with Kuren, even sacrificing sleep. Yet, in their daily life, Kuren remains hesitant to trust Nicholas. However, on a day when Nicholas is entrusted with Kuren’s walk, they encounter poachers hunting werewolves. Nicholas puts himself in harm’s way to protect Kuren, piquing Kuren’s interest in him. It doesn’t take too long for them to become excellent partners. While Kuren still sees Nicholas as a subordinate, occasional displays of affection emerge.

Nicholas is allowed to learn under Dr. Sasha and Dr. Lindsey, and he grows while overcoming various challenges.

Someday, I hope to remake this story. For those who have doujinshi, please read and enjoy the summary with a fresh perspective ♡