completely enamoured with this thread

Screenshot from the r/fragrance subreddit. 

Post title: "I want to smell inhuman." 

Post body: "This is probably a very weird request, but I've become fascinated by the idea of a fragrance with no humanity or warmth at all- cold, remote, imposing, untouchable. Not repulsive, but beautiful in a, well, inhuman way,..."ALT

yeah im sold

Comment by Fair_Falcon_6083. 

Text: "The answer is Ganymede!! It's inhuman and also has the most bizarre Fragnatica reviews. Here are a few: 

"Smells like a Robot's breath." 

"Like a serial killer stopping in to get late-night indian food in a shady part of the city. deeply un-scrubbable perverted metallic leather." 

"Would render the Voight-Kampff test for Replicants unnecessary. Just take a surreptitious sniff at a suspect and inform the authorities." 

"Imagine whole wheat seltzer..." 

"If you bought your spaceship used, you spray this inside to make it smell new again. Smells like air ducts, electrical panels, and synthetic rubber seats.""ALT

I have never had an interest in perfumes until I read this description.

Ran this past my perfume guy who had the suggestion of,

“Fyrinnae Aerobraking” and “Andromeda’s Curse – Coin Operated Boy”

and then was like “Yeah.”