Dungeon AU Sketches

More recent sketches!

First off, we have Raris and Evi, Gaius’s adventure companions! Raris fills the role of the party’s ‘thief,’ able to disarm traps, open locks, and scout paths stealthily. He wields a pair of daggers in combat, preferring to wait in ambush for the opportunity to hit an enemy’s weak point. He’s also Evi’s older brother, and is a much more serious, rational type.

Evi is a bit of a mixed-talents teammate. She uses a bow and arrows for combat, and has picked up some minor support magics to assist with healing in a pinch. Her major area of specialty is alchemy – using bits from the dungeon to craft poultices, remedies, and other tools to help their adventures. She’s fascinated by the variety of beasts down there and often taking notes in a handbook during their rests.

Raris’s affliction is thanks to a wooden splinter that lodes in his left hand and causes a wooden petrification to creep over his form. The struggle to sit or lie down when you can’t move your arm, then your shoulder, then neck and more. But wait, there’s more!

Meanwhile Evi’s got got the essences of several animals insider her trying to exert their influence. Plus other run-ins with traps and enchantments.

And lastly, some sketch work working on Gaius’s proportions and studying how he runs in his final form. I like working out his end form so I have a point to work from between human and wyvern. His run is largely based on big cats, with a flexible longer torso to allow his spine to ‘spring’ and lengthen his strides.