i am a millennial and i made the decision a while ago that i would not continue the cycle of looking down on younger generations or thinking the things they like are stupid or whatever. do boomers not realize that when they were young the older generations looked down on them and thought they were stupid, lazy, entitled, weak, weird, scary, etc?

why would you think that your generation got it right and every generation after you is dumb? do you not see the irony and lack of logic in such a thought? (not to mention the obvious question: who raises the youngest generation? do you really lack self-awareness that much that you will shift the blame away from your own generation? not that i think anyone needs to be blamed here, i’m just sayin…)

and sure, everybody is little bit stupid when they’re a teenager. that’s par for the course. but so what? that’s literally the best possible time to be stupid and naive! encourage the coming of age that literally every human being goes through!