#3 The Encounter:

Jake had a peregrine falcon morph we’d used before. Marco and Cassie had morphed ospreys. Rachel had been a bald eagle. So we all should have been able to fly up to the mountains.
But there are millions of bird-watchers in this country. They’re very cool people because they never hurt a bird. They don’t hunt. They just get pleasure out of watching birds fly or nest.
Bird-watchers would think it was very, very weird if they saw a red-tail hawk, a bald eagle, a falcon, and two ospreys all flying together as if they were on a mission. And some of those gentle bird-watchers might be not-so-gentle Controllers.
“Bird-watchers!” Marco snorted as he tramped over the carpet of pine needles deeper into the woods. “We could fly, but no. No, we have to walk. Twenty miles, probably!”

I am begging these children to acquire Canadian geese

Good News! They will think of it eventually. Well. Ducks. But close enough

Bad News! It’s not until past Book #50.

Note for all fix-it-fic authors: Get these kids a goose morph immediately. Geese are fearsome in battle and capable long-distance formation fliers that no one will think twice about seeing.