it really is sad that algorithmic feeds have broken peoples’ brains so badly. people really do come here and go “wait, i have to CHOOSE who i follow to get posts on my dashboard???” because a social media site working the way they were always supposed to work is so alien now. people will assume the site is a ghost town because they don’t follow enough active users. there has to be a constant stream of New Content every time you refresh, regardless of whether or not said Content is any good

you can never just get caught up on your feed and put the phone down, because that’s not what tiktok and insta and twitter and facebook have conditioned users to expect. putting the phone down means you’re not looking at more ads and generating revenue for the site. when you venture off of the following feed twitter’s algorithm is very transparently designed to show you bait tweets and other things that will make you angry, because getting people to argue is one of the easiest ways to drive engagement. it’s no wonder threads just launched with no following feed whatsoever, just an infinite stream of algorithmic slop. these sites don’t want you to curate your own experience because then you might develop a healthier relationship with them. that’s not what they want. they want addiction