the upside of ADHD is that it makes you a fucking genius

the downside is that you don’t get to decide when and for how long you’re a genius.

Or what you are going to be a genius about.

You have a big work project?

Nah. You’re now a genius at making boardgames. For 7 hours.

Yeah, all of this.

I’ve gained something of a reputation at work for being Montgomery Scott because I’ve been able to make shit work when not even the vendor has figured it out yet, or faster than logging a call with the vendor takes. However, the flip side to that is now everyone expects me to pull a miracle solution out of my ass to whatever their problem is on demand. and half the time, they don’t even tell me what the actual problem is, or what they’ve done before dumping it on my doorstep like the proverbial flaming bag of shit.

The few times I’ve stated that I’m good at something, Fate will make me eat those word on a plastic tray, and without salt or ketchup.