No one ever asked Ax if Earth Grass tastes good.

If I remember well, he mostly emphasized the way the grass felt, and the fact that all grass are not equally pleasant to him. Maybe he prefers the touch of the grass rather than the taste? Or maybe it has more importance to him?

But I also think that if the earth grass had an awful taste, we’d know that immediately, since he doesn’t hesitate to complain about his life on earth in his “journal”.

Yeah. But Elfangor mentioned grass having flavors! And that Earth Grass looked cool and sweet, but we never get confirmation if Earth Grass actually is cool and sweet.

I mean, when I was little i used to eat clovers, and they were a little bitter but not in a bad way. But that’s not grass, and I’m not Ax. We need Ax’s opinion on grass and we never got it. I am so bummed.

Well Ax is autistic, so the texture was more important to him.

This implies there’s at least two groups of Andelites:

1) Grass flavor is more important
2) Grass texture is more important