the way people on here talk about the porn ban makes me completely fucking insane honestly.

  • yes I would love a return to the old ways.
  • no that isn’t something staff have control over, it’s a systemic issue with puritanical groups intentionally strangling online infrastructure to make adult content impossible to platform.
  • no that doesn’t mean the ban was value neutral and I will fucking kill you with my mind if you start going on about how ‘it just meant all the annoying people left’
  • sex workers left, and so did the high spending customers who made tumblr a viable platform for a lot of other small creators
  • a lot of sex educators and queer outreach groups also left, and nobody seems to remember that they were a huge part of the landscape here
  • you have to take the eradication of sexual content from online spaces seriously as an issue that affects more than whether you personally can post catgirl balls on one specific platform
  • there is no ‘good social media’ in 2023 that will ever be equipped to solve this problem until the financial/cultural issue is addressed. decentralisation is your best bet. sorry.