Tumblr please we need more free badges to put next to our usernames


  • Hit the daily post limit
  • More than 1000 posts in queue
  • More than 100 unposted drafts
  • Blocked by more than 100 people
  • Containment breach
  • Went to DashCon
  • Participated in the OG mishapocalypse
  • Got more than 86400 notes in a day on a single post
  • Post with you as OP goes over half a million
  • Hit the text limit in a post
  • Reported more than 100 bots
  • Haiku Bot got you
  • Epic glitch
  • Got blazed by a stranger
  • Reblogged the same post 10x in a row
  • Reblogged a post with a tag for a mutual to see it, only to realize you Reblogged it from that mutual
  • Ask box empty for a full year
  • Ask box full for a full year
  • Note goal on a post achieved
  • Had landscapes, etc flagged as tits
  • Accidentally committed misdemeanor impersonation of a government agency
  • OP of a heritage post

I’d get eight of these.