through various circumstances beyond your control, you are being forced to add a minimum of one extra eye to your body. the entity (probably wizard or warlock) forcing this upon you is nice enough to give you a choice.

what do you do?

just one discreet eye on an easily-covered part of my body. like a coward

another pair above/under my existing eyes

one or both hands. like a video game boss or that pale dude from pan’s labyrinth

third eye on forehead. classic

i’m going all in. give me a bunch all over my body

a different, funnier option (elaborate in tags)

a different, more horrifying option (also elaborate in tags)

note: the eye/s will by default look like your pre-existing eyes, same color and shape, unless you come up with something cool enough to convince the wizard/warlock to put in the extra effort to fulfill your design desires. i.e. giving you the pupil of a goat, making your iris purple, making the eye insanely large, etc. make your plea in the tags if you so wish.

The wizard is now learning there are worse places than your mouth