An older piece of PSO2 Gaius that I realized I never posted here!

That game was absolutely nuts with the customization options through accessories. Being able to run around with dog ears, a tail, and a cowboy hat with goggles was absolutely the dream.

I didn’t elaborate on my art account, but BOY YOU BETCHA I had a whole-ass transformation storyline running through my head while playing through the original PSO2 storyline.

The setting is ripe with potential triggers, especially going the sorta-science route. Gaius goes investigating a secret lab, sets off a trap that explodes the whole thing, exposing him to an unstable mix of various photon energy shenanigans.

After a brief stay in the medbay, he returns to his apartment and after a fitful sleep, wakes up with fuzzy ears and the start of a tail pushing at the back of his pants. Thankfully nothing a large hat and a long coat can’t keep on the down-low.

It’s been years and I can’t remember all the details now, but since they were investigating Luther’s shady dealings and undermining of Arks, Gaius had to keep his changes hidden as much as possible to not risk the mission. With the crazy designs of PSO2, it was easy enough to laugh them off as just cosmetic costume pieces at first.

But as the story hit the betrayal phase, the changes got worse. Luther was the one behind it, painting were-dog Gaius as a monster in their midst. By the final confrontation, Gaius was a four-legged dog struggling to wield a sword with his mouth. Luther was beside himself with laughter – how could a shaggy *beast* hope to stop him as he attained godhood?

Again, fuzzy details, power of friendship and the indomitable human spirit prevailed, and the super ocean lady helped restore Gaius to his previous state, as much as was within her power at least. His energy was too far muddled to completely reverse the effects, so he’s stuck with beast-like features, but his friends help him accept these changes.

Basically, it’s fun playing through an RPG with a bit of transformation influencing how the story beats are interpreted.