Tevruden is eternally worried that someone is going to realize that he’s a *dragon* and that he’s got some sort of malicious intent for the kingdom.

(What Tev DOESN’T know, is that most of the palace staff, having known both him and Prince Dante since they were knee-high, have figured out that he turns into the dragon that has been hanging around the castle as of late, and has been for a while now)

The Dragon is seen as more of an annoyance on the level of how you have a cat that keeps getting into things, mostly because as the dragon, Tevruden finding the optimal sunbeams are in heavily trafficed walkways (and he’s large enough to block the doors.)

There was also that one time he took up residence in the swimming pool and they had to refill it afterwards.

@gargoylegirlcock ABSOLUTELY clueless, especially to the fact he’s not even the only dragon there!