Anybody else got that Evergiven sized writers block

“Where’s the next chapter?!” Well buddy you’re never gonna guess

What’s the comic sans trick?

#i feel like someone just asked me to eat dirt for my health

wingdings’ true purpose as a font

Wingdings holy shit some of y’all are on a whole different level of galaxy wizard brain batshittery and I am in awe.

Comic Sans is good for reading/writing because it was a typeface designed for children based off comic book font, in order to be easier for those learning how to read. This had the unintended result in it being great for learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and dyscalculia – because it is harder for the brain to flip the numbers/letters, if that’s your particular problem. It is an extremely legible font, so it means you don’t have to expend much of an effort when reading it/writing with it.

All of this to say I can 100% see why Comic Sans would work if you’re having writer’s block and I hate that I am even entertaining the notion