Hello & attention to NA FanFest goers!

It is finally time for me to FORMALLY announce the details of my not so little personal project I’ve been building since March! Sorry about this being a kind of long post aha

This was initially meant to be for the #FanfestWoLTrade, but I kinda took the assignment and 😅🤷 (mostly because I just couldnt design an Una Sticker I liked)

But without any further ado, I am please to announce my Fishing Sticker Minigame!!

This is a game where ✨️121✨️ carefully selected fish from FFXIV will be available, in sticker form, in a chance to “fish” for one!

All NA FF attendees are welcome to play!

Just come find me & ask to do a round of fishing & you’ll get to play for a fish sticker, decided on by a slip from a bag and some rolls of some dice!

There will be fish from all the expansions including normal, big, legendary*, and fabled** fish!!

*I do want to emphasize that the as EW had no legendary fish released at the time of this projects start, there will be no EW legends in the game this time

**I started this project before 6.4 released, so the Fabled fish available are the original 7 fabled fish. I apologize but I do not have the time, supplies, or energy to add the newest fabled fish to this fan made mini game at this time

✨️I do wish to emphasize that my minigame, much like regular FFXIV, is is a game of chance, luck, and RNG. I cannot guarantee anyone getting a specific fish from the game and I may have to limit people’s number of plays, as I will have very limited inventory (making stickers is expensive aha).

I’ve chatted about this project before very vaguely in passing on twitter & much more in many discords, but really & truly thank everyone who helped me choose the fish for this project & a HUGE special thank you to everyone who encouraged me too keep going into my insanity with this project! I cannot express how much it means to me to see the excitement for this and it definitely carried me through.

As a final note, I do appreciate any shares so I can get an interest guage too

I hope to see people there!!