I have no excuse for this except Lizzo is a godess and Griffin and Justin using ‘boy’ excessively is peak comedy.

Lizzo: Hey boy, what’cha say boy?

Griffin: genuine wrestle boys?

Lizzo: like a gameboy, hit my phone boy,

Griffin: he’s just a skin boy,

Lizzo: Are you alone boy?

Griffin: Where’s my boy?!

Lizzo: got a boy with degrees, a boy in the street,

Griffin: get riddled with these handsome boys!

Lizzo: shhheesh, it’s all Greek to me, got this boy speakin’ Spanish:

Justin: I’m a fancy boy!!

Lizzo: I. Like. Big boys,

Justin: dirty boys,

Lizzo: Mississippi Boys,

Griffin: really rowdy boys,

Lizzo: I like the pretty boys,

Griffin: my sweet boy!

Lizzo: getcha nails did,

Justin: my BOY!!

Lizzo: I like a big beard,

Griffin: little punk boi,

Lizzo: I don’t discriminate,

Griffin: Clyde, you beautiful boy!

Lizzo: From the playboys, to the gay boys, go and slay boys, you my fave boys!

Griffin: There’s a good boy!

Justin: (hey), heyy!

Griffin: hey there’s a-

Justin: -that’s…

Griffin: now THAT’S a boy that I can get in to!

Justin: aHA-that’s a perfect boy-hehe!

[VD: The cover art for the song “Boys,” which is the title in all caps against a multicolored striped background. “McElroy” has been edited in as an additional credit along with Lizzo. The audio is the song, well-edited to feature Griffin McElroy as transcribed above. End VD]