📢Woo yeah woo hoo yeah Cass!!!!

it’s been 3 years since I designed her 🎉

so fun fact, at the time I was obsessed with this song which also immediately was the first on her playlist LMAO

She hasn’t really changed design wise since then bc she’s already 10/10, but also she can look like this if u didn’t know:

and while Cass is pretty full of herself, she did NOT initially vibe at all with this look when it inevitably happened (due to her dragon parasite… who woulda thonked), and she got self-conscious about it……. but no worries, she got her bestie to help her out (also just look how god damn huge she is & also just look at this drawing it’s one of my all time faves fr)

anyway I love Cass and her huge….ness. she’s so swag