am I finally free

YEAHHHHH ok. I need to post about this but uh. Tumblr has a very fun glitch! If you press R ONCE on the desktop ver of the site, it will reblog the focused post instantly, no tag editing or blog selection. it may accidentally post it a couple more times , but that’s it.

however. if you fucking hold R? it’ll reblog the post instantly too, but MULTIPLE TIMES INSTANTLY. like I hit post limit bc I thought it wasn’t actually reblogging the post. I only held the r button for a solit 10 seconds for it to reblog that post 200+ TIMES. my big ass mistake

either use or abuse it is up to you, but I reported it to Tumblr bc holy fuck dude. that’s too much instant power

Tumblr Support just said this is a feature, not a glitch.

holy SHIT