If you have body image issues I genuinely advise you to get a fursona it will help so much

I’m not shitposting or trolling or joking but genuinely having a sona modeled after me myself as I am has made me go from “I hate this body im ugly” to “im kinda hot now, I see it.”

Like a lot of furries have started working out or gaining weight because they want to mirror their sona more, me included. It’s not instant and not even noticeable when it happens bit gradually the more In tune with your sona you get the .ore you model yourself after them and the more you accept yourself.

This really goes for gender dysphoria too. Having a fursona that’s majorly fem-presenting has likely saved me years of grief with gender dysphoria. Even today, where hrt is out of reach both because of financial reasons and [gestures at the state of American transphobia], my fursonas are d doing loads of heavy lifting to keep my mental health in this regard above water. I’m not fem-presenting at all irl, unfortunately, but it hurts considerably less when I have p pictures of a really pretty anthropomorphic Vulpix/fox to look at and say “That’s me!”