Mark Hamill is like the Tony Hawk of cartoon voice actors; in spite of the fact that he’s been doing it for decades and has played some of the most well known characters in some of the most popular shows around, everybody is still absolutely flummoxed to learn that their favourite character was voiced by Mark Hamill.

I am beside myself with this information. Absolutely dumbfounded. Spent my lunch break nearly crying in confusion and/or relevation reading a wikipedia article

I think my favourite is the short where Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill) teams up with the Trickster (voiced by Mark Hamill) to kidnap famous voice actor Mark Hamill (voiced by Mark Hamill), only for the villainous duo to be defeated by Swamp Thing (voiced by Mark Hamill).

C’mon man, you gotta at least share it!

Literally I’ve seen this post so many times and only now having watched the short do I also know that Mark Hamill assists in his own rescue by doing the voices of the Joker and Trickster to trick them into fighting and driving onto grass where Swamp Thing can capture them.

Mark said it was the only thing he’s done where he was sleeping with the entire cast.

will never forget the time someone tweeted him about voicing majima and he looked at the picture and said “I don’t know who this is”