I do not ask this lightly, the Missouri AG’s office has started a site to build a list of trans people. Clog the system. That’s the life of a trans kid who gets another day on this earth. Spam the fuck out of it, it’s not sophisticated. You don’t need to use a real email. Post as much as you’d like

Go full Bart Simpson with this I want the brainless worthless cunts responsible for this to have to sort through thousands of fake reports with names like Hugh Jass and Amanda Hugankiss

Jew here to remind you this is literally, LITERALLY, how Hitler started the Final Solution. The 1938 German census included questions on religion and ethnicity that hadn’t previously been present and that information was used to track down Jews and Rromani people.

There is no “this is like” anymore. THIS IS. THIS IS WHERE WE ARE AT. We are in Germany 1938. We’ve already passed the Anschluss—Hitler’s first conquest/annexation.

What happens next is Krystallnacht. A night when Jews were dragged from their homes and businesses, beaten, and killed while German authorities watched. That was November 1938.

We have seen this before. Eleven million people are screaming from their unmarked graves for you to help.

Oh hey the state of Missouri’s office of administration, the guys running this shitshow of a website has a single upstream

Would be a shame if abuse and org contact people here:

and here:

Had to deal with people calling them about this page.

(I should add that this is not doxxing the network admins. The registration services agreement requires this info be accurate and that it be organizational information and not personal information )