Saying it again for the people in the back


Also since it seems some TERF idgits think only Trans people will support other trans people

  • I am NOT Trans
  • I am Christian (Methodist to be exact)
  • Trans women are not inherently better at sports than cis women. I can kick my trans-woman’s friends butt at most sports. I can also kick most of my male friend’s butts. Stop being misogynistic along with your transphobia.
  • Not even all Cis-Woman can give birth. Not all Cis-woman are born with ovaries. This is like basic biology 101. This was a House MD episode. Come on.
  • I am a mother.
  • I have given birth twice. I don’t need a lecture on how birth works. I promise I know more than you. Furthermore, I REALLY don’t need patriarchal nonsense, reducing my value as a woman to my fetility dressed up as “sacred womb” “life giver” bullshit. Again, stop using misogyn to justify your transphobia.
  • Pedophilia is the desire to force sex onto pre-pubescent children. Being Transgender means you identify as something other than the gender you were assigned at birth. I am not sure how people confuse these things, but I assume it’s a malicious attempt to dehumanize a group of people by tying them to a monstrous act that is unrelated to their gender identification.
  • And just a fun last fact “Transvestites and Transexuals” (as they were called then) were amoung the first to be targeted by the Nazis and rounded up and sent to Death Camps. I tend to have a firm “Nazi’s are bad role models” policy, and make it a goal in life NOT to share opinions on minorities with Nazis 😀