Realised that among all of my characrets Ranrys is the only one without a fullbody reference (despite being my fav).

In his mortal life Ranrys was an ambitious warlock obsessed with Abyss and demonology from noble drow house. But after spending hundreds of years being a Lolth sworn drow Ranrys realised that it is not path for him so he betrayed Lolth and with help of his demonic patron become a demon in Graz’zt realm. 

Literally manipulate mansplain manslaughter his way into Abyss. (and also there’s should be a long text about violent and rollercoaster relationships Ranrys had with his patron Sarkontil that lead to Ranrys murdering him as a warning but it’s an entire story and i am tired. Just know they both are the worst people to each other and everyone around)