Digital painters, what’s your layer situation?

Entirely one layer. If traditional painters have to, so do I!

Mostly one layer, but I keep some separate for things like details or lighting.

A few layers for distinct segments like skin, clothes, eyes, etc.

Several layers organized into groups, but I keep them small and merge often.

Many layers organized into groups, and they can get bloated (100+).

An extreme amount of layers organized into groups (200+). Merging is scary.

Several layers for various things, but no need to keep them organized.

Many layers with no organization; it’s pretty messy but it’s my process.

Born to die world is a fuck I am trash man 410,757,864,530 disorganized layers

Something… else?

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I like to upset my roommate by showing them how I paint with less than ten layers because I merge stuff once I’m confident with it. Meanwhile I don’t know how they don’t get lost in their 300 layers with like 2 paint strokes on some of them!

What do you do when you digitally paint? As in rendering, not lines/flats/cel style. I guess this poll is also a bit more for figure artists, but not entirely I suppose.

(Disclaimer: None of these answers are right or wrong)

i am said roommate and I will say it gives me primal monkey anxiety when I see @owlpellet and their single fucking paint layer

I’ve got like 100 layers because someone might say “I need refs but can you give me something without shading?” and I just wanna back out all of the shading so I’ll just go and: