Vynase not worth it. Stick to meth.

I’ve come to notice that (for me) Vyvanse is like an expensive red wine, where as adderall is more like four loco as far as mood/energy levels go, it is not what I expected but yeah completely different vibe. I am impossibly zen now though so there’s that. Anyway, adderall shortage is expected to continue for *at least* 5-6 more months (FDA/DEA is attacking accessible virtual healthcare and saying that they plan to disallow virtual visits to refill/prescribe controlled substances period instead of allowing production to be increased and letting people have medical/bodily autonomy), next to go is going to be Ritalin/Concerta. I’m expecting a large increase in US accidents and workplace injuries because taking adderall daily for years and then suddenly stopping is disorienting and just fucking terrible. So yeah, meth for a lot of people is going to be the answer and a more equivalent substitution. We are in a crisis and it is all war on drugs/private healthcares’ fault.

Under the proposed rule, Schedule II controlled substances such as Ritalin, Adderall and Vicodin and Schedule III-V narcotics other than buprenorphine may not be prescribed to patients without an in-person evaluation. Providers would be able to prescribe a 30-day supply for buprenorphine and non-narcotic Schedule III-V drugs such as Xanax and Ambien without an in-person visit if the telemedicine encounter is for a legitimate medical purpose. Anything beyond a 30-day supply will require an in-person visit.

If a patient had already been receiving prescriptions by telemedicine during the PHE, the DEA will defer the in-person exam requirement for an additional 180 days.


Things that are worth mentioning;

– this proposal is ableist, classist, and expects everyone to live in a city & have access to psychiatrists (ha)

– ADHD meds being “overprescribed” is not actually what is going on, in reality people had the time and money during COVID to actually get their needs met (ADHD in adults has always largely been ignored/under-diagnosed)

– Instead of putting a wrench into this obvious and generally positive movement towards psych med accessibility, maybe focus on the real problem (the production limit) since increased access is never a bad thing

– Education and community health programs are more effective to combat drug abuse than policing bodily/medical autonomy

– 10 people taking adhd meds who don’t need then will never be more important than 100 people who need them to function and don’t have access

– There is no reason adhd diagnostic testing cannot be done online over a secure connection, and if people are going to malinger they would do that anyway in person

– Fuck the DEA

Yeah, shouldn’t reblog doomer awareness without something one can do about it. They’re taking feedback until March 31st.

Proposed rule that would require an in-person examination before a practicioner can allow televisits to prescribe controlled drugs

On the other side, this is a proposed rule that would allow for the expansion of circumstances practitioners can use telemedicine to prescribe schedule III–V narcotic drugs or
for use in maintenance or withdrawal treatment/detox, including an audio-only teleppointments. It wouldn’t apply to Adderall but it’s still important, with substantially fewer comments.