Digging through the history of Pipeworks Software/Studios, and I’m just LOVING the 90s-raytraced-CG look of these Xbox demos pictures they made.

This is apparently realtime, though I can’t see the video, sadly.

Also, check out that logo on the screen! That’s a very old Xbox prototype, from the original Xbox announcement. This one:

And on the wall, there’s that Microsoft “Family Portrait”, showing the first 11 employees:

And the book on the table is Mastering Windows NT Server 4, but I’m not sure which edition it is. Probably just something Pipeworks had on their desk, so it was easy to scan and use as a texture.

given the logo placement it looks like it’s MCSE: NT Server 4 Study Guide (second edition) 

First edition has different titling and third edition has  the icons aligned along the bottom